Marketing Your Nonprofit Online

Online marketing is a must for nonprofit organizations. Even the smallest and most local nonprofit must reach out to the public through online media.

Having a website helps to validate the legitimacy of your organization. With a poorly managed and out-of-date content’s website, people begin to wonder if you are really who you say you are. Similar to what a business does, you must have an attractive and interesting website that can be easily navigated by people; you must have a way to collect email addresses of those who visit so you can follow up. Ability to donate online is also essential.

You can no longer ignore the power of social engagement. The community grows every year and never stop. Social sharing and commentary must be built-in features to your digital marketing platform.

One cannot always expect people to come back to your website to find out your latest events and activities. Email campaign can help inquisitive email subscribers into an engaged community of committed supporters.

At last, through push notification of mobile app, people will always keep up-to-date with your latest news.

Fit all screen sizes

website works with all screen size

Manage content once.  See it everywhere.

content appear everywhere

Social sharing is easy

sharing with popular social network



List all events

Event list

Event notification


Sign up for an event

event sign-up
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